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Grace Beaman, Founder of  Natural Health Resources Institute, LLC.
Learn My Secret Formula for Living a Happier, Healthier & Longer Life... You Deserve It!
It all starts with you beginning to Think-Outside-the-Box. Looking for a better way… just as I did many years ago when my life was struck with an unforgettable, shattering tragedy no one in my family was expecting.
"If You Don’t, Who Will?"
You start by taking control of your life… your health… and your well being… today! That’s what I had to do and boy am I glad that I did. Do you want to become a victim in the aging process? Do you want doctors, specialists, nurses, hospitals or caregivers and even strangers taking control of your life? What about family members getting saddled with the care of your well being? Let me ask you… so, if you don’t take control, who will? It’s time - become pro-active today by not putting it off! That is why I have developed this website and my special programs I have to offer.
This Information is important to your personal wellbeing. It is Explosive! And, I've made it easy for you and created an oasis in a sea of websites that are confusing and often contradictory. To help you I've designed this website so that it can be one of the last websites you will have to visit to learn the true secrets to experiencing vibrant health and longevity at any age!
    You too Can Achieve Optimum Health, a Boost of Energy and Vitality, Uncover the Secrets to Longevity, Reverse Your Gray Hair to Your Natural Color, Get Back to Your Natural & Ideal Weight, Lower Your Cholesterol, Sleep like a Baby and the Incredible if not remarkable. List of multiple health benefits Goes On and On...
Within what feels like a short period of time, you can begin looking and feeling years younger, and remarkably, you can look up to 20 years younger in a very short period of time by implementing my secrets and following my simple steps!
Plus.... yes, you can start by recharging your tired body with the energy, vitality and the vibrant enthusiasm of your youth in many simple ways, that today and at this moment, you cannot imagine possible. But it can happen… and only when you begin to experience it will you know what I am saying to you is true and from my heart.
Plus… you can begin to feel lingering body aches, soreness, stiffness, and even pains from naturally growing older or from past injuries begin to diminish and disappear easily and quickly.
Plus… long standing illness, chronic health problems and other stubborn health challenges start to get better and start to fade away, as you activate this tested and proven program to slow down and reverse the natural aging process, and begin to rejuvenate and activate your body’s natural instinct to heal, repair, balance and maintain itself.
Plus…I am going to share with you what I have discovered from my own journey to longevity. I am 58 years young but I don't feel any day older than when I was 18! Today I have that energy , endurance and stamina and a youthful appearance making me look like I'm in my thirties .  
My last Doctor's visit was almost 26 years ago…
Seems unbelievable, right? Surprisingly, I don't ever go to the doctor... let's see, the last visit I had with the medical doctor...  it was when my son was born! Guess what... that was almost 26 years ago! I don't wear glasses, my eyesight is as sharp as can be.
Plus, I have so much energy all day long you'd think I was a kid. And, I do over 100 push ups a day and I never feel tired, ever! I feel just like I did in my young adult years! I don’t catch seasonal colds, or flues… and, I don’t suffer from hay fever or allergy attacks!
Plus, I don’t diet because, I don’t have to! My diet regulates my weight and one of my herbal formulas assures me I’ll keep naturally slim for my size and maintain the ideal weight for my frame and size.
Plus, I sleep like a baby and the list goes on…. as I personally continue to defy the aging process. And, I can promise you that, you too can have a natural boost of endless rounds of energy and begin to start feeling 10 to 25 years younger, regardless of your age today, even if you have suffered from chronic illnesses or seasonal symptoms.
See the picture below of my son Adam, my Mom & your truly Amazing Grace
Here’s more proof - My son Adam, that's him and my mother in the picture above, hasn't been to the doctor since he was two years old; no shots, no drugs, no medications, no antibiotics, no seasonal colds or flu… never ever really being sick! You may be asking yourself, "How is this possible?" Well frankly, it’s easy once you know how!…
I encourage you to read my entire story and learn my secrets and start with taking my longevity formulas and you will start to see, feel and experience the difference. Later on I will show you how to get to the next level in attaining optimal health and unveil my other secrets to LONGEVITY to you.... when you are ready. 
But first you can experience immediate improvement in your general health and wellbeing in a very short period of time!  
No false, crazy or impossible promises… just simple, naturally occurring results by using Nature’s herbs. I encourage you to experience the difference for yourself!
Feeling Better, Younger, Sharper and…
That is what you want isn’t it?… to feel better, healthier, happier, more alive... and relaxed? And, I’m almost sure you’d like to feel a bit younger with more energy or energy to spare and a clearer, sharper mind… and all of the other health benefits I can assure you are entitled to and which you can potentially begin to experience following in my foot steps!
Proof? My mother is 87 years young and all her friends always wonder why she doesn't seem to get sick or have to go to her doctor like they all do. Can you guess why? The answer is simple... she lives with me, since my father passed away at the age of 80.
She adopted and started following my simple program about 8 years ago and she is now realizing, even more, the remarkable difference her daughter's secret formulas and healthy lifestyle and what it is doing for her.
She is enjoying the real down to earth freedom in having "good health" and not being prone to sickness at her age; the hard to deny reality check from "so called, being sick and old" her friends seem to constantly be suffering from! My mother follows my simple steps, and secrets, and takes my natural longevity formulas daily … and,
Here’s best news - She lives her life fully, being very active and is healthy regardless of her age! I take her to the gym, almost every day... (She wants to go… that’s right, she loves working out and mildly exercising )… and, if she is not at the gym and on the tread mill… she takes daily walks with me for a mile or more. She also flies to Krakow, Poland for 3 months for the late spring and summer months, like a jet setter, despite the long 17 hour connecting flights each way. I am so impressed and proud of her! She is living proof that my healthy life style and formulas are working the anti-aging, longevity magic I've developed… just like they can work for you, regardless of your age!
       It’s your time… your opportunity to
 turn back the clock!
If you are ready… I would like to now take you by the hand and guide you on to the anti-aging longevity and vibrant health pathway and give you the same opportunity as I have to my Mother and help you defy the odds and beat the signs of growing older. Remember this; "You are never too young or too old to turn back the clock!"
You'll discover how to protect yourself from the dangers of present or future illness or disease you may otherwise be stricken with by not knowing any better. There is a way... where you can protect yourself and your loved ones.
It is your turn now to discover these natural health secrets. The best part is that you everything to gain and only illness, sickness, aches and pains and the effects of old age to lose.
Even when you have Money but no knowledge on  how to avoid the normal pitfalls of growing older...  what good does the money really do you,  especially, if you
or your spouse can’t enjoy it?
Yes, the money can help in some ways. But, I promise you, as so many have learned the hard way, it is not the answer. I had all the money I needed at a time when I was stricken with an unexpected tragedy and the devastating news that blew my life apart. Truth is I didn't know better back then.... or, I could have done something about it…. and avoided the second tragedy, unfortunately, it was too late!
       You can read the rest of my story and  follow my program and never worry again
about ever being sick or aging!
I would rather see you enjoying your life traveling...instead of being sick! This is one of my trip to Hawaii with my parents.
Today is the best day and perfect time for you to get started... regardless of your age... and regardless of any excuse you can come up with delaying, getting started. For those of you who are sincere and who want to improve their lives, health and wellbeing and to turn their health challenges around the time is now! While I don't wish it upon you... for those who don’t, unfortunately, the hard statistics show you   will become victims of your own thinking and lack of action… and end up in the pool of thinking that process of aging leads  to illness, disease and old age. I assure doesn't have to be that way. 
So, the sooner you start... the sooner you can slowdown and even reverse the aging process… yes, I mean maybe even stop aging!
You can in many cases become ageless... and start enjoying your life... just like I feel ageless and am enjoying my life fully every day! And, just like my Mom at 86 years young and, my son Adam, who was lucky enough to start so early in his life!
My Personal Dedication Was Sparked by One Tragedy After Another and is What Transformed My Life and Sets Me Apart!
It’s personal, very personal… So, please for your sake, take the time to carefully read My Story, My MissionDedication and Special Thanks sections to making the world a better place so that you will better understand my Life’s Commitment to the development and evolution of… My Personal Secrets to Longevity. Then, read everything… about my LONGEVITY Formula.
Plus, you’ll also, discover my many other "ENHANCER" Formulas to address specific health challenges and problems that herbs have been known for centuries to help settle or   bring about relief…
Plus, unlike other sources you may use or study, I have an excellent selection of books and videos which I have chosen especially for you... all from my personal library; a collection of over 1,000 books which I have read and studied over the last 20 years!
Now, I don’t expect that you will read them all, mostly because, I have done the homework and research for you… and have selected only books you should read to educate yourself, furthering your understanding and personal discovery of many coveted secrets to longevity and the simplicity of the healthy life style you can easily adapt and begin to follow.
Take your time going through my website and check out the information on my proprietary secret, herbal Formulas and other helpful and complimentary products. Wherever possible, I keep everything ORGANIC because, bottom line it is better for you.
You’ll also see my selection of additional programs, events and even my retreats... centered around Rejuvenation, Anti-aging and the Longevity Secrets… which I personally would love to share with you from my own life, my own experience on myself and others.
Welcome to my Family of Believers and Doers… Everyday Folks, who are activating their God Given Rights to anti-aging Longevity, age reversal and life extension and Wellbeing,and the freedom from illness and chronic health problems and prematurely growing older! 
Amazing Grace  
P.S. If you want to feel better, look and feel younger then, do something about it. As I said much earlier, If you don’t "DO IT!" for Yourself, Who Will?