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You will learn from my website about my anti-aging secrets I've uncovered over my 23 year journey and the real truth behind achieving vibrant health, longevity, age reversal and life extension and working towards experiencing Optimal Health AT ANY AGE... 
My name is G.R. Beaman,  I am the Founder and President of Natural Health Resources Institute, LLC (N.H.R.I., LLC.) - registered in Florida under the same address in a good standing since 2004.

I presently live in Florida for the last 12 years. Before that, I lived in a beautiful (but wet) Oregon for 10 years and my early origin and new beginning in this country began in Chicago and then, in California for 12 years. 

I've run many successful companies for over 30 years, including direct mail publishing, marketing and, as a result, I am also a real estate investor and started buying and selling since beginning in 1984. I have successfully bought and sold many properties in many states and have weathered several real estates boom and busts. As a strong and brave Entrepreneur we have to expect and face the ups and downs in our business ventures, including direct mail, real estate and the stock market!


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 What's Behind the
 LONGEVITY Formula Name?
Many people ask why I named my primary super food and special herbal mixture the "LONGEVITY Formula"? Well... that's a good question, wouldn't you agree? And, truthfully, the answer is very simple... I've been quietly obsessed with longevity, attaining optimal health and working on anti-aging formula since losing my loving husband to CANCER over 24 years ago.
It all stems from a personal promise I made to myself over my son who was just one year old when his Daddy died...
I am happy for the folks who ask that question  knowing that they want to live longer, healthier life, but that is not why I created the name the LONGEVITY Formula... You see, unlike most people I want to live to 150 + years myself, so I do the best I can to do in everything I can to support that goal and potential along the way.
That includes staying as far away from the pharmaceutical industry as possible. Instead, I chose the natural way... the fresh and organic road and have never looked back!
That's why I have created the Following:
3. My FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Power Blends: Fruit/Berry, Vegetable/Superfoods and Total Body Infusion! click here
Read my whole story and then
you will understand why:
(1.)  I live the way I do, (2.) why I eat the way I do, and most importantly, (3.) why I take my own LONGEVITY Formula  plus my Fountain of Youth Power BLENDS daily, which I originally developed for myself and my family and faithfully add my Formula and Blends into my morning and afternoon smoothie every single day!
Please click on any of the following: Q&A,
To read more on the many Health Benefits that are potentially available from my special Anti-Aging, LONGEVITY Formula click here..
Let's continue...
I designed this website to be like an "open book" for the purpose of sharing my story, views on life and personal experiences with you and others... searching for and unlocking many of the secrets to longevity, better to superb health and overall wellbeing, and the real hidden truths behind anti-aging, age reversal and life extension... and ultimately, to attain the goal of looking and feeling younger.
Especially, on how to naturally obtain "Optimal Health"  at any age and, more specifically, without becoming an expected, unprepared "Victim" to suffering from illness, disease, degeneration, hospitalization, operation/s, long recovery times, etc., all attributed to growing older and old age.
And, I don't mince words here either!
 I also advocate and include the importance of a dietary makeover - EAT HEALTHIER to be HEALTHERand the significant need for daily exercise... that's right, and in this order... Diet, Exercise and the addition of my LONGEVITY,  ENHANCER Formulas and My Fountain Of Youth Power Blends... to reach for and achieve Optimal Health, all of which when combined can help you live longer, be healthier and overflowing with vitality and energy at any age!   
I'm writing to you from my heart 
because I really care!
If it sounds to you at times like I'm talking to you as a friend... in reality I am. Yes, I am being sincere and honest in what I have put into the website which, hopefully, will inspire you and even potentially... TRANSFORM your life, just as it has mine and others who use my all natural herbal formulas.  It may improve and enhance your life... or, that of a loved one... or, help improve, and even transform the life of a close friend you care about.